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The Cocktail Bong® Cocktail Smoker, Infuser and Food Cold Smoking Kit

The Cocktail Bong® Cocktail Smoker, Infuser and Food Cold Smoking Kit

The Cocktail Bong cocktail smoker, infuser and food smoker. No other cold smoking device on the market can do what the Cocktail Bong does. The Cocktail Bong infuses cocktails with the rich flavor and flavanoids from the flavoring agent in seconds by pulling the vapor through the liquid creating cocktails that are truly an experience. Or, you can also simply fill the smoking cloche with smoke for a traditional cold smoked effect. The Cocktail Bong cocktail smoker kit Includes two sample tins of wood chips.

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The Cocktail Bong® cocktail smoker allows you to infuse your food or beverages two ways:

Soft Smoking or Super Smoking. Soft Smoking fills the chamber with smoke & gently layers the target with smoky flavor. Our patent-pending Super Smoking process pulls smoke through the target utilizing the process of thermophoresis, a natural force that instantaneously moves smoke elements from a warm vapor to a cold surface, thereby infusing the elements of the smoke vapor directly into the target. 

Our Signature Cocktail Bong® Cocktail Smoker and Food Smoker Cold Smoking Kit is made from top quality components and includes everything you need to become a cold smoking overlord - complete with our signature scratch and impact resistant polycarbonate cold smoking cloche, stainless steel downstem, nickel plated brass bowl with stainless steel screen, heat resistant silicone bowl grip, heat resistant silicone dome grip, heat resistant soft silicone dome base sealing gasket, battery operated vacuum pump, silicone vacuum tip, nylon cleaning brush, & two sample tins of wood chips. 

Simply assemble your Cocktail Bong® Cocktail Smoker according to the User Manual, add a pinch of your desired wood, herb, or spice, and create an airflow through the bowl of flavoring agent and into the dome by activating the vacuum pump while simultaneously lighting the flavoring agent. The duration of the flavoring agent burn will affect the amount of flavor infusion from the cocktail smoker. Personal preference and experience will result in optimal results when smoking cocktails. Typically, when Soft Smoking, the longer the target is sequestered, the more intense the effect. The burn time for Soft Smoking is typically sufficient when the dome is full of smoke. Timing is more critical when Super Smoking. Super Smoking delivers the desired effect almost instantaneously. Therefore, the burn time and amount of flavoring agent are typically less than required for Soft Smoking.

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The science behind the patented Cocktail Bong Super Smoking technology.

When Super Smoking, the thermophoretic force instantaneously moves particles (and their effects) from the warm, smoky vapor to the cold surface of your cocktail. This imparts the elements of the smoke vapor directly into the target - delivering the smoke components and flavonoids in a way that can't be achieved with any other cocktail smoker or cocktail smoking device!