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User Manual The Cocktoail Bong Food & Beverage Cold Smoking Kit: Precautions:(Read this manual in it’s entirety and keep for future reference.) Carefully follow Cocktail Bong® assembly instructions and verify proper assembly each time before use.  Remove and dispose of all packaging materials. Only operate the Cocktail Bong on a flat level surface and ensure ample clearance from flammable or heat sensitive materials (minimum     12 inches).  Do not use harsh chemicals or harsh abrasives to clean this product except where recommended.  This product is intended for household use only.  This product is not intended for use by children, or persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capacities unless supervised by a    responsible party. Regularly inspect product for imperfections and damage. Do not use any combustible flavoring agents other than wood chips, sawdust, dried herbs, tea leaves or spices typically used to add    flavor to food and beverages.      Only use in well ventilated areas. The burning of flavoring agents may produce emissions known to cause cancer, birth defects and/or    reproductive harm. Never overfill bowl with flavoring agent. Fill until level or below the top of the bowl. The metal bowl will become very hot during and after use. The silicone bowl grip will not get hot and should always be used to remove,    replace, and empty the bowl. Do not touch the metal bowl directly until completely cooled. Always remove bowl with bowl grip before lifting dome after infusion process.  Only empty bowl contents and ashes into a non-flammable receptacle. Only use a match or lighter to ignite flavoring agents. Never use a torch as the excessive heat could damage the product. Avoid use in areas where smoke could activate smoke alarms or fire sprinkler systems.  Never operate the Cocktail Bong® without the stainless steel bowl screen in place. California Proposition 65: (Applicable to California residents only).  Combustion of wood or charcoal products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and/or reproductive harm. This warning is required and issued pursuant to California Health & Safety Code Section 25249.6.Components: A. Bowl B. Screen C. Bowl Grip D. Downstem E. Dome Grip F. Dome G. Exhaust Port H. Dome Gasket I. Vacuum Pump J. Vacuum Tip K. Cleaning Brush Assembly: Attach gasket to bottom of dome utilizing the groove in the gasket. The gasket is     soft. Do not stretch the gasket when installing. Attach the dome grip to the top of the dome. Install the downstem through the dome grip with the open end up and perforated     end down. Install the screen into the bowl utilizing the inside threads. tighten with pointed        object. Then insert the bowl into the bowl grip. The bowl grip has a lip on one     end to receive the bowl. Connect the bowl grip to the top of the downstem.  Install 4 x AA (1.5V alkaline) batteries into vacuum pump (remove cover from     bottom of pump and insert batteries according to orientation indicated on the     bottom of the pump, then replace cover).operation: Clean and dry all components with mild detergent before first use.  Remove bowl grip with bowl inserted and fill with desired flavoring agent.    (Always use bowl grip to handle bowl as the metal bowl will be hot during and after use.) Place dome over target and adjust down stem for Soft Smoking or Super Smoking.           (a) Soft Smoking is achieved by positioning the downstem over the target.           (b)Super Smoking is achieved by positioning the downstem into the target                   about ¼ to ½ inch,depending on the viscosity of the target. “Just put                   the tip in” is our motto. Insert the tip of the air pump into the exhaust port at the top of the dome. Activate the air pump to create an airflow from the bowl through the dome.  Light the flavoring agent with match or lighter (do not use torch) while the air     pump is activated. Move flame around to evenly light the flavoring agent.  Continue the air flow until the desired effect is achieved. Remove bowl (utilizing bowl grip) and empty ash into a non-flammable     receptacle.     Note: the metal bowl is very hot after use. Handle with caution. Lift dome after time for desired effect has passed and serve infused menu item.  operational tips: Place the dome on a flat surface. A good seal is required when operating the     Cocktail Bong®. Textured surfaces are not recommended and my not create a     good seal at the base gasket. The duration of the flavoring agent burn will affect the amount of flavor infusion.     Personal preference and experience will result in optimal results. Typically,     when Soft Smoking, the burn time is sufficient when the dome is full of smoke.     Timing is more critical when Super Smoking. Typically, Super Smoking delivers     the desired affect almost instantaneously. A longer burn time is not     recommended when Super Smoking. A clean downstem is crucial for Super Smoking. It is recommended to clean the     downstem with 99% isopropyl alcohol before each infusion. CAUTION:     Isopropyl alcohol is flammable. Keep away from heat, flames, embers, or     sparks. To clean the downstem, fill a short narrow glass with 99% isopropyl     alcohol. Place the downstem in the glass and insert the cleaning brush to     cleanse the down stem while the perforated end is submerged in the 99%     isopropyl alcohol. It only takes a few seconds of running the brush up and down      to clean the down stem. Rinse thoroughly with clean water afterwards. food & beverage preparation tips: From a light soft smoke to the ice in a glass before pouring in the beverage, to super smoking a hearty broth to enhance a soup or chili recipe, the possibilities provided by the Cocktail Bong® are endless. We hope the following advice will help you become the smoke show host or hostess everyone admires. Ingredients high in fat or oils absorb infusion agents the best.  To smoke a large quantity of items, cut a 6 to 8 inch round hole in the lid of a suitable    airtight container. The lid must be rigid and flat around the hole for an airtight seal.     Place the Cocktail Bong over the hole and activate until the container fills with     smoke. You can optionally cover the Cocktail Bong exhaust port with a strip of     painter’s tape and create an exhaust port in the container lid to move the smoke     more efficiently into the container.  Colder items receive the flavoring agents better than warmer items. This is especially     true when Super Smoking.   Use only wood chips and sawdust made for smoking purposes. Material not properly     dried can produce unwanted residue. Sometimes just smoking the vessel such as a glass or shaker, can produce a light     smoke flavor desirable to some. Ice in the vessel will attract more flavonoids. Many foods benefit from smoke infusion including fish, oysters, fruits. Vegetables     after cooking. Soups and stews can be smoked. Cheese, meats, or the whole     charcuterie platter. The possibilities are truly endless. cleaning & maintenance: The dome of the Cocktail Bong is made from polycarbonate, the strongest most durable thermoplastic available. It resists scratching and is shatterproof. However, proper care must be observed to maintain it’s crystal-clear finish. Only wash by hand with mild detergent and dry with a nonabrasive soft cloth. The silicone parts are more durable but should be hand washed as well. The stainless steel downstems are dishwasher safe. However, it is recommended to clean the stainless steel downstems with 99% isopropyl alcohol. CAUTION: Isopropyl alcohol is flammable. Keep away from heat, flames, embers, and sparks. To clean the downstem, fill a short narrow glass with 99% isopropyl alcohol. Place the downstem in the glass and insert the cleaning brush to cleanse the downstem while the perforated end is submerged in the 99% isopropyl alcohol. It only takes a few seconds of running the brush up and down to clean the downstem. Rinse thoroughly with clean water afterwards. Remove batteries if storing the pump for extended periods. troubleshooting: Symptom Vacuum pump not starting   Low suction power  Weak smoke stream Possible Problem  Dead batteries Corrosion Reversed battery(s) Weak batteries Poor connection Clogged screen Clogged downstem Poor seal around base Poor seal around base Dome grip loose Possible Solution Change batteries Clean terminals Check battery direction Change batteries Adjust battery cover Clean or replace screen Clean downstem Move to flat surface Clean or replace dome gasket Reset dome grip have a question we didn’t answer for you here? contact us below!

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