Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you run the pump and burn the flavoring agent when smoking a cocktail?

It depends on wether you are soft smoking or super smoking (putting the tip in). For soft smoking, run the pump and burn the flavoring agent until the dome fills with smoke. It takes a bit more skill to properly super smoke a cocktail. The process of thermophoresis will infuse the cocktail with the flavor and flavonoids from the flavoring agent almost instantaneously. First, make sure you start with a clean downstem. Fill the bowl with a generous load of flavoring agent. Run the pump to create the airflow through the cocktail and light the flovoring agent. The cocktail is infused in only a few seconds.

I have heard that smoking lavender has medicinal benefits. If I super smoke a tea with lavender, will the tea have the same benefits?

While we cannot make any claims about the medicinal benefits of any flavoring agent, we can tell you that whatever flavonoids are in the vapor of the flavoring agent, will be infused into your target.

Do I need to clean the downstem after each infusion?

It depends on whether you are Soft Smoking or Super Smoking the target. You must have a clean downstem every time before Super Smoking a drink. Utilizing the Stem Bath and pipe brush, clean the down stem internally with 99% isopropyl alcohol and rinse with clean water before each infusion. Soft Smoking merely fills the Cloche with smoke. The down stem is not inserted into the target. Therefore, it's not neccessary to clean the downstem before each infusion when Soft Smoking the target.

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